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Have the Police visited your home and seized your dog or contacted you to say they are going to seize your dog for being a banned breed or a suspected fighting dog (the term fighting dog is used for descriptive purposes and not accusing you of actually participating in dog fighting). OR has your dog injured somebody.

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Under the Dangerous Dogs ACT 1991, it is illegal to own certain types of dog. These are the pit bull terrier, a Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino and a Fila Braziliero. This list also extends to a banned breed TYPE! 
Whether a dog is deemed as a banned breed or a banned breed type depends on its appearance rather than its actual breed or name.
Help. Police Have Seized My Dog is a FREE and independent service. 

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If you have been visited or are expecting a visit by the police because they suspect you have a banned breed dog or because your dog has bitten. DO NOT hesitate, get in touch with any questions. Help! Police Have Seized My Dog is here for you.

You MUST NOT sign any paperwork (if you have contact us immediately). You are entitled to a defence and it is for the courts to decide if a destruction order is made or if they will grant a contingent destruction order allowing your dog to be returned with restrictions.

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