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We want new legal requirements in relation to dogs that are being held under dangerous dogs law. Authorities should immediately notify owners if their dog is unwell, needs a vet, is dying or died. And no dog's body to be cremated or frozen without an owner’s consent, so they can seek a post mortem.

Currently there is no guidance from Government or specific legal requirements for owners to be informed when a dog - that is being held under dangerous dogs legislation - is sick, needs vet treatment or died. Owners can also struggle to get copies of vet and kennel records. 

Examples Dog 1) died on 21/11/22 after eating his bed & developed bloat. Owner not told until 6 days later. 
Dog 2) died over the Christmas period of 2022 and their owner was only notified on 16/01/23 
Dog 3) was put to sleep at a vets on 01/03/23 after not responding to medications. Owner was not notified until 07/03/23 
This has to change so please sign the petition to help protect the dogs and their families.

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